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Observations about Neurotypicals

April is Autism Awareness Month. I happen to be autistic. In fact, I was diagnosed before it was cool. Keep in mind every experience with autism is different, and it is quite a spectrum. Some of us are nonverbal and need care for the rest of our lives. Others need just a little more support than normal. In my case, I can function independently, as can many other people on the spectrum. Autism can take many different forms. However, the most accepted baseline is below average social intelligence, a tendency toward bluntness, solid attention to detail, a strong attachment to routine, sensory issues that can take many forms, hyper fixation on specific interests, and a monotone voice unless experiencing intense emotions. The hype fixation and focus can be a positive thing depending on the situation. Keep in mind that social intelligence is knowing how to interact in social situations with other humans to achieve specific goals; it does not mean a lack of empathy or care about other people.

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